Preciso is your gateway to smooth intercultural communications. We are delighted to take care of your document translations, pre-translation summaries, onsite conference interpreting, and more. Learn more about these services below.

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Document Services

  • Document Translation. Your foreign language document is rendered in a flawless English version. Website copy reads like catchy sales copy. Complicated legal, financial, and technical documents maintain their precise meanings.
  • Pre-translation Summaries. Large volume of foreign-language documents? Instead of translating everything, save time and money with an executive summary in English of each document. Then, you can decide which documents need a full translation.
  • Certified Translations. Courts, the United States Customs and Immigration Service (USCIS, formerly INS) and other government agencies often require certified translations of foreign documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and bank statements. Apostille services are also available upon request.

Live Interpreting Services

  • Court Interpreting. Preciso’s licensed court interpreters are available for your next court hearing, deposition, or examination under oath.
  • Conference Interpreting. Will your next conference include attendees who do not speak English? Preciso uses the latest technology to seamlessly integrate live interpreting, ensuring that all your attendees can be fully engaged.
  • Business Meeting Interpreting. Preciso helps you communicate with Spanish-speaking employees for anything from safety seminars to benefits presentations and sexual harassment training. Preciso can also provide language support for meetings with your clients or foreign business partners.

Forensic-Recording Processing Services

  • Transcription/Translation. A professional transcription is made of your foreign-language audio or video. Then, it is meticulously translated into English. You receive a clear written copy containing both the original script and the translation in a parallel format for easy comparison. This process is performed according to best practices approved by the National Association for Judiciary Interpreters and Translators.
  • Certification. If necessary, your transcription/translation can be certified for trial.
  • Summary Translations. To save time and financial resources, you can order summaries of your foreign-language recordings. Then, you can quickly decide which recordings warrant a full, certified transcription and translation.