What Clients Say

“Preciso Language Services is the most professional and accurate translation firm I have ever worked with.  They are my first choice whenever I have a trial, deposition, or other important legal matter.  The other lawyers at my law firm speak highly of Holly Behl, as well.  I feel honored to work with such an expert in her field, who is not only talented, but extremely courteous.  I highly recommend Holly and Preciso to any law firm or other company that is in need of superior translation services.” 

Alfonso J. Herrera, Attorney at Law 

Rad Law Firm, P.C.

“I’ve seen Holly display exceptional intelligence, creativity, and originality in her business. She sets high standards and expectations for others around her and for her own work. She is a pleasure to be around. She is an entrepreneur that I wish I could emulate.”

David Thach, Principal

Daugherty Business Solutions